Lightning Update

A week full of announcements:

I’ve been so busy working on the Thunderbird 3 release that I forgot to blog about this new development:  I’m pleased to announce that Mozilla Messaging has engaged Philipp Kewisch, lead of the Calendar project, to help drive the release of a version of the popular Lightning calendar add-on.  The plan so far is for Philipp (who’se in school, but somehow finds time to do Mozilla work after that) to help fix bugs, drive the release, and generally make sure that people who want to upgrade from Thunderbird 2 to Thunderbird 3 will find their favorite extension working there.

If you’re keen to help, let Philipp know, and participate in test days, help QA release candidates that will show up, and if you can, chip in with patches!


  1. I have updated my themes (LittleBird, Nautipolis, Walnut, Walnut2) for Thunderbird 3 including support for the Lightning extension.
    For me, the value of Thunderbird increases enormously with Lightning.
    And the TB3.0 / Lightning1.0 combo are much, much better than before. (And they look very nice in my themes!).


  2. Hi David,

    that are great news, but what is with the time after the release. Can Mozilla Messaging asign development resources to Lightning/Sunbird after TB3 is out?
    Do you have contatct to Sun/Oracle, I ask because both of them have already contributed to the Calendar project in the past. Maybe they will do again after the companys are merged.

    Best Regards,


  3. Great news! Welcome to you, Philipp!

    David, I suppose this question has already been asked, but…

    why didn’t you include Lightning into Thunderbird 3 natively ?

    I use Lightning in TB2 every day, and my opinion is this extension is mature enough to be merged with TB.

    The lack of a native calendar functionnality in TB is one of the main reasons why many people don’t switch to TB … or go back to Outlook or another MUA.

    BTW, congratulations for you great work!


  4. Brilliant news! It’s incredibly important to get the most popular extensions working in Tb3 so that most people CAN update from Tb2 to Tb3.


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