Webdev & Add-on jobs @ Mozilla Messaging

A few more rough job descriptions, which I’ll polish soon, but may as well start getting resumes now:

First, we’re looking for a jack-of-all-trades web developer. We have a fair number of websites and webapps, and depend on/want to contribute to a bunch more. It’s time we had someone on staff to help us power through those changes. The ideal candidate will have experience with at least PHP and Python-based webapps on Unix/Linux, comfortable with the usual Apache, MySQL, stack (preferably with some HA scars), and be happy to help do some JS/CSS/HTML client-side work as well. The job will include a blend of new web development, maintenance of existing sites, and patches to project-wide apps. Past experience working in open source, distributed, transparent projects is a huge plus. If not located in Vancouver, experience working remotely will be required.

Second, we’re looking for some contractors to help us work on Thunderbird add-ons. A strong JavaScript application developer with good CSS/HTML skills is a minimal requirement, past experience writing add-ons for Gecko-based apps a definite plus. You’ll be working with the Vancouver-based design team and the broader distributed developer community to quickly iterate on add-ons that enhance the Thunderbird user experience. Being located near Vancouver, BC, would be great, but we would consider remote candidates in nearby timezones.

Email jobs at mozillamessaging dot com with relevant background information.

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