What’s the lesson?

I’m not supposed to be in front of a computer right now. I’m supposed to be attending the Vancouver premiere of Tiffany Shlain’s Connected, in a fundraiser to benefit A Human Right.  This looked like a fun event, for a good cause.  So I bought two tickets, one for myself and one for my 14 year old son, who seemed really interested in the trailer, and who I was pretty sure would both enjoy and get a lot from the movie & discussion.  I was happy for Mozilla to sponsor the event, promoting it.

But, this is Vancouver, British Columbia, in North America, a continent where lawyers and fear have way too much sway on policy and clearly no firm grasp of reality.  In this particular case, the problem is that the venue — the swank Vancouver International Film Festival’s VanCity Theater has the audacity to serve wine and the like to its patrons.  As a wine and movie enthusiast, that seems like a delightful plan.  But apparently, this very civilized offering is seen by regulators as implying that the location is evidently such a den of iniquity that my kid would obviously be irretrievably harmed by the sight of some adults having a glass of wine. Of all the things that I worry about as a parent, this doesn’t make the top 1000.

This was mildly embarrassing for all concerned, and led to my son and I going home early and having a conversation about the puritanical roots of the Canadian legal system rather than the much more interesting discussion that I expect would have ensued after the movie.

Such a waste.

Somebody let me know how the show went?


  1. Is this a legal issue or a $$$ issue …. same thing happens at Canucks games 3 times a week but I bet they just pay the city big and bingo. No legal or moral issues there


  2. Recently I left California and moved back to Europe. Reading things like that happening in Canada and the US tells me that it was the right decision.


  3. The real question is why they couldn’t just SAY somewhere that this is an adults-only venue. It’s mentioned on the Tickets+Membership page, but it doesn’t appear you’d come across that page if you were ordering tickets for an event.


  4. 😦

    In Ontario, alcohol can only be bought at a state monopoly, and the legal age for drinking is higher than the legal age to join the army. On Saturday night, streets and subway are full of drunken youth who are driven to alcohol by its forbidden status. A little guy I know, otherwise very quiet, uses a fake ID to drink.

    Morality is a circle: extreme righteousness connects with the opposite.


  5. After returning home, you should have spent the time playing Resident Evil. I’m sure a carnage fest would have taken his mind off the worrying prospect of nearly seeing adults drink moderately.


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