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  1. Skipping the urge to write, “just write,” as it is tough to get back into blogging. Here are three possible methods

    1. Make it part of your workflow.

    This is most successful for me. Instead of blogging being one more thing I have to do I integrate it into getting things done. I use blogs for teaching and writing.

    You could think out loud about the work you did, are doing, or key decision points that were made. This is really beneficial when working in the open as you can look back and see how many bad ideas you had.

    2. Reflection Pieces

    Pick a podcast or writing you read that week and reflect. Write a quick summary to the audience and then include your own analysis.

    3. The Knowledge Nugget

    I stole this from Gardner Campbell. Grab a quote or small idea and throw a few words into a post 200 or less. Though keeping it short is often more difficult than long form writing. The goal is to share an idea. Explain why it spoke to you.


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