Python and OpenGL on Nokia Phones

Sitting here at ETech, just after Erik Smartt, product manager for the Python on Nokia product, gave the first real public demo of the Symbian/Series 60 port of Python. The highlight was a PyOpenGL demo (the code isn’t available yet, and the author is not public either). Click on the picture for the Quicktime movie.

As someone who worked on PyOpenGL a long, long time ago on high end Silicon Graphics workstations, it’s fairly stunning to see it fit into a pocket.

Also notable was a demo of the FlashLite stuff, which is equally cool, but probably available elsewhere (if not, I’ll post a movie later).

Cal Henderson Quotes

Cal Henderson, from flickr, at the PHPWest conference:

“Avoid code reuse (just a nice typo)”

and, talking about phpxpath:

“phpxpath is great. It’s on Sourceforge, but it’s still great”

and about UTF8:

“Can’t remember what UTF-8 stands for. Something something something eight!”

a bit that made Rasmus and me feel old:

“I think UUencode stands for unix to unix encode — it’s pretty old” (it’s true, but …)

About users:

“We have a lot of Mac users, because OS X users tend to be early adopters and have a lot of free time”

And then, when Cal said that PHP isn’t great for a daemon, Rasmus’ answer was:

“Write it in C, you sissy!”

Overall, a nice, contentful presentation from the guy responsible for the PHP (and, it appears, a lot of the DB work) code behind flickr, with good lessons learned on how to scale a web app to accomodate massive growth. I look forward to the ETech presentation.

Lightweight Languages Workshop in Boston

The program for the lightweight languages workshop is set (just in time, too — it’s on Dec 4!). I got to read the abstracts as I’m on the PC, and I wish I could be there to hear the talks. Go there and blog about it please! I’m particularly interested in the “Debugging without Programming” and “Frink” talks, but a lot of the conversations are bound to be a lot of fun.