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And another!

Blake Winton describes another feature we want feedback from, especially from people concerned about upgrading from Thunderbird 2 to Thunderbird … More

Upcoming trips

As usual, I’m happy to coordinate and meet with people, whether for meals, drinks, or regular meetings. I’ll be: In … More


OSCON is the conference that I seem to attend the most regularly. In particular, the hallway conversations are great. Not … More

Linux smoketesters needed

UPDATED: see the end As part of a release (say, for the sake of illustration, the next alpha of Thunderbird), … More

Notes from Germany

I spent much of last week traveling to Germany — Berlin and Hamburg. Time for an update. I started off … More


Back from almost 10 days without access to the net, email, etc., and after some exploration of the Yucat√°n peninsula … More