I am so proud of ActiveState today. Read all about it! More coming soon!

Lazyweb: insect boxes

Any advice on where to find boxes for pinning dead insects in the Vancouver area?

A Facebook Story

I’ve been quiet lately. One of the reasons is that I’ve been working hard on a facebook application, which we … More


As a followup to this, I should say: David is not pleased to have tried to fix the electric motor … More


Twitter/facebook status messages do serve an occasional need. David is pleased with his weekend efforts, fixing the hydraulic clutch on … More

Cocktail help needed

Last week over a very nice dinner at Feenie’s, I had a lychee drop cocktail, which was described as lychee … More

Damn you, Tufte!

Heard in the office today. Once the bar is raised, it’s frustrating not to hit it.