Neil K sent me a link to this picture he took of someone demoing a synthesizer using the ultra-trendy arduino, … More

Google Summer of Code

So it’s finally live! I’m talking about the Google Summer of Code, a program whereby Google spends $$’s via open … More

Python Challenge

I’m at level 5 of the Python Challenge. 12 more to go, phew.


First day at PyCon 2005. It’s, as usual, interesting. Random bits: Crowded! It’s bigger than ever, clocking in over 400. … More

Bloglines & Twisted

Interesting bit found in my webserver access logs: – – [08/Nov/2004:00:07:32 -0500] “GET /blog/index.cgi/?flav=rss HTTP/1.0” 404 24542 “-” “Twisted … More