eLiberatica 2008

I’m back from Romania, where I had the pleasure of participating in the second annual eLiberatica conference, on open source, … More

Romania ahead

I’ll be heading out to Romania next week, to talk in Bucharest at eLiberatica about Mozilla and open source, and … More


Forgot to mention that I’ll be in Berlin Friday, and Hamburg Saturday-Tuesday, for the Calendar project face-to-face, along with Dan … More

Travel update

I’ll be in the bay area this week starting tomorrow (tuesday) night until Friday evening. Let me know if you … More

Travel plans

I’ll be in the Bay Area starting this evening for less than 24 hours (assuming no delays =). I’ll be … More

Travel plans

Wide-open dopplr feed: In Mountain View from this Wed night till Saturday morning Back in California for CalConnect roughly around … More

Travel plans

My current plans have me in Berkeley next monday (oct 8th) morning, SF in the afternoon, and down in Silicon … More