Valerie's Happy Willy Wednesday!
Happy Willy Wednesday! by Valerie

I just spent a couple of days playing around with ideas, words to describe those ideas, and code to make those ideas come to life. It had been quite a few months since I’d spent the time to sharpen my tools, and while the challenges to the web are greater than ever, it’s also a more impressive toolkit than ever.

I’d like to call out a few heroes whose generous work as open source and easily accessible services have made the last couple of days particularly fun:

  • The folks at Heroku
  • The amazing perseverance of @automattic and the WordPress team, whose recent moves to both redo the front-end and open-source the .com site are one of a long string of bold and ambitious moves.
  • The energy and diligence of the Ghost team
  • The JS module hackers who make github and npm useful as opposed to just necessary
  • Brock and the rest of the team for a product that “just works”
  • The Firebase team, for not shutting down one of the tools I think has managed to bridge the ergonomics of a Heroku with the developer power that AWS-style services provide
  • AWS, for paving the way (and because even S3 is still remarkable)
  • The React team at Facebook & beyond, who are boldly moving the client side forward
  • The Material Design team at Google, for taking design seriously and then implementing it in an accessible way.
  • The LetsEncrypt team, one of the projects I’m proud to say Mozilla had a big hand in.

Thank you all.

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