In a new-thing-for-me, I’m working with a group of four students from the Center for Digital Media as part of their Masters program, on a design-led project that ties to Mozilla.  Specifically, these folks are working on a project they call The Cucumber, which is (in my words), trying to make a tool that lets any traveler easily create a compelling micro-documentary about a place they like, using the tools of the open web.

At this point, they’ve done a bunch of thinking, blackboard sketches, paper prototypes, and more, and they’re making good progress, but they need your help!  In particular, they’ve got a hypothesis that by preparing a few templates and story-telling concepts, they can define a design framework that everyone could use to make something compelling.

If you’re interested, it’d be great if you could check out their questionnaire and do a “pretend story-telling” — think of a place you want to document, and fill in the form — it will only take a few minutes, and be very helpful to the team!

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