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I realized that I forgot to cross-post here when I posted on Medium, so in case you didn’t know, I’ve left Mozilla and am exploring possible future scenarios.

Thinking it’s probably a good idea to verbalize as I go, as I’m finding conversations to be the best part of my job, and this might provoke some.

Raw Ingredients

  • Lightweight infrastructures, from AWS Lambda and the like to the remarkably fun startup projects emerging on that space, esp.’s Now , Polybit’s Stdlib, Auth0’s Webtask (and what’s coming but still missing)
  • The rapidly evolving Javascript landscape, and other languages from Elm to Eve (and old favorites like Metapost)
  • Learning about the role that software systems are playing in environment-impacting technologies, from smart grids and energy storage to transportation (and avoiding transportation)
  • Reading and hearing about more humane organizational models than traditional VC-funded C-corps, from B-corps to cooperatives.


  • Anything that might help bend the temperature curve
  • Projects that heal or help create healthy communities
  • Projects that combine entrepreneurial approaches, modern technology, and public benefit, whether that’s via research, better government, or just useful products.
  • Problems that are tough because they’re multidisciplinary


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